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  Adhering to the business philosophy of "Technology leads the advance", Sunelan actively develops the R&D and technological cooperation of high-end products andputs emphasis on technology research and application of innovative products such as cloud computing, Internet of things, big data and mobile Internet, etc.

  Therefore, providing comprehensive solutions and professional services for telecom, government, enterprises and industry customersin the fields of the cloud data center, mobile office, share education and regional medical treatment, etc.

◆ Digital government cloud services:

  Digital government cloud servicescover the application of government departments, public services, and urban management.

  Helpinggovernment to change service patternsfrom discrete business model to share cloud model, which realizesthe  government resources sharing, information sharing and business collaboration.

◆ Enterprise businesscloud services:

  Enterprise businesscloud servicesprovidefundamental guarantee, application integration, safety regulation, shared services and other business support for enterprises.

◆ Share educationcloud services:

  Share educationcloud services isbased on cloud computing data center and provides customers with a wide range of education servicesby sharing service platform.

◆ Regional medical cloud services:

  Regional medical cloud services is built on the foundation of a unified and open business support platform. Its core is electronic medical records (EMR) and electronic health records (EHR).

  It also includes five major areas of information construction such as public health, medical services, drug supervision, remote medical treatment and integrated management of health resources , which constitutes three levers (national, provincial and city) regional health cloud platform.