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  Relying on the natural and superior tea resources of Meitan county, Guizhou province and in cooperation with the China Astronaut Center, Zhejiang University and other institutions, Yiqing Biological sets up the production and research architecture, the mainly products of which are tea seed oil, flax seed oil, deep processing of tea.

  Yiqing Biological takes Yiqing Meitan Ecological Science and Technology Park as the main production and research base. This is a ecological science and technology demonstration garden by integration of flax seed oil, tea seed oil and deep processing of tea.

  The Introduction of Some Products

◆ Tea Seed Oil

  Tea seed oil is rich in nutriment, tea polyphenols, Vitamin E,linoleic acid,and abundant nutrition ingredients that are essential to the health of man. Tea seed oil is a kind of cooking oil that nutrient-rich and very usefull of health conditioning.

◆ lax seed oil

  Flaxseed oil is extracted from flaxseeds and contains abundant a - linolenic acid, which is very effective way to supplement the linolenic acid and is currently widely applicablelinolenic acid.

◆ The Series Products of Yiqing Tea Industry

       Green Tea Series         Black Tea Series      Tieguanyin Series

  Yiqing Tea Industry is a wholeindustrial chain of tea including tea plantation base, scientific cultivation, tea processing, marketing services, as well as the tea cultural tourism.Tea leaves are collected from mountainsthat surrounded by clouds inFujian and Guizhou provinces.Now Yiqing Tea Industry has a series of products (tea brands) such as Rumeiwan, Meitan Time, Yihong and Qingtie.