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  The china tea sea scenic spot, invested by Sunshine Group, is located in the historical and cultural town - Yongxing, Meitan county, Guizhou province. The project is listed as one of the 100 most important projects for leisure and travel scenic spot of Guizhou province.

  This scenic spot is sitting on the world's largest tea garden of a unit area of 43000, and forms a complete set of tea sea hotel, flavor and gourmetstreet, sea viewing building, sightseeing small train, themes and animation park, international mountain bike track, expand training base, tent camps and other projects, which perfectly combine the natural ecology and human landscape, the modern science and technology and the historical culture.

  Here will be regulated as a special tourism scenic spot by integration of the tea “sea” sightseeing, culture experience of Guizhou tea, leisure, sports and business meeting.

※ Sea-viewing Tower

※ Sightseeing Mini Train

※ Tea Sea Hotel

※ China Tea Sea Theme Street

※ Business Street

※ Helicopter Sightseeing

※ Hot-air Balloon Low-flying Experience