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[Headline]Sunelan Shines in 2016 Mobile World Congress, Broader Overseas Markets

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On February 22, 2016, the Mobile World Congress (MWC2016) opened in Barcelona, Spain. MWC is the most influential industry exhibition in the field of global communication, many telecommunication enterprises display their latest cutting-edge technology. The Sunshine Group President assistant, Yiqing Xinpu Science and Technology Park general manager, Zhou Yi Zhen, the vice president and information center general manager, Chen Tian Xu, brought smart HDTV, 3D mobile phones, tablets and other high-end products at the exhibition, the intelligent product performance of Sunelan shined at the congress, and got guests’ strong focus and warmly welcome.

Consul general of China in Barcelona (the second from right) , Mr Shang Heng, visit Sunelan exhibition hall to know about Sunelan’s  research and development strength
The Sunshine Group president assistant, Yiqing Xinpu Science and Technology parkgeneral manager(far right), Zhou Yi Zhen, accept the Spanish joint times interview, and detailed introduces Sunelan’s  series products
  MWC holdsfrom February 22 to February25 , lasting four days. In 2015, more than 90000 attendees, a total of 2199 exhibitors participated in the congress, it is estimated more than 100000 people participated in the 2016’s congress.
  Sunelan with fashion, simple, modern science and technology  image at this exhibition. Smart HDTV, 3D mobile phones and tablets and other high-end products attracted numerous domestic and overseas clients, the product performance and experience firmly grasp the audience's attention. And also, Sunelan attracted the local mainstream mediaSpain joint times’s attention, and get support fromMr Shang Heng, theConsul general of China in Barcelona

Sunelan products attracted numerous domestic and overseas clients
Site visitors are experiencing Sunelan’s intelligent mobile phones
Staff introduceSunelan's productionscaleand development strength to the guests 
"Sunelan focus on mobile phone, tablet, high-definition television etc intelligent product development, production and sales, group has received good reviews from many customers at home and abroadwith excellent products and good user experience ." Field staff said, the 2016 Mobile World Congress is a yearly activity in the field of mobile industry, this time of year, mobile phone manufacturers, software vendors, telecom operatorsaround the world show their new products and services. Sunelan participated this event, undoubtedlystrengthened the communication in China and foreign information systems, more understanding the international advanced information and communication technology,application and development trend, deepened thecooperation  andconsensus of manufacturers around the world, also showed numerous guests with Sunelan’s research and development and production capacity, and believe it will help the group to speed up the globalization strategy layout, further expand the overseas market sales share, let Sunelan brand towards the world and go further.