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[Headline] Sunelan products got high praise in Germany CeBIT2016

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On March 14, the annual ICT premier event-Hanover consumer electronics, information and communication fair(CeBIT2016) hold in Hanover, Germany. Sunelan’s series of high-end electronic products like high-definition TV, 3D mobile phones, tablets stand out in the exhibition, product’ technology  got strong focus from the guests.
CeBIT is one of the largest ICT top international event in the world, fully display to the user the Digital IT, and innovation in the field of family  and communications solutions. “Fast access to digital future” is this year's CeBIT topic, involving the cloud technology and big data, Internet of Everything, security and privacy, disruptive technologies. From the last year's "digital economy" to "reach the digital future" this year, data era concepts and techniques are evolving into implementation.
The exhibition topic

The exhibition hold from March 14 to March 18th, totally 5 days. The exhibition in 2015 had more than 3300 companies from 70 countries and regions, about 221000 people attended, and more than 90% of them are the professionals, believe the scale of this year was even greater.  
Go into Sunelan’s exhibition hall, wafts of fashionable science and technology assaulted us. Good experience of Smart HD TV, Naked eye 3D tablet, e-government security phone, instantly seize the visitor's attention. Leisure bar, sweet meeting room let visitors can't help but to sit down and talk, detailedly understanding of Sunelan’s research and development strength and the product features.
The Exhibition Features

The guests entered into Sunelan’s exhibition hall to experience, detailedly understanding of the  characteristics and function of the product, and further negotiate about cooperation
"CeBIT fair is one of the world's largest consumer electronics exhibition, gathering together the world's most advanced products and technologies, and also an outstanding platform for Sunelan and global industry experts and elite to share successful experience and discuss the development of the industry ." Sunelan staff said the theme of this year's CeBIT fair is the "Digital economy: participation-creation-success", digital wave is sweeping through every corner of the commercial and social, Sunelan adheres the "science and technology leading the progress"business philosophy , and actively carry out research and development of high-end products and technical cooperation, focus in cloud computing, Internet of Things, big data, Mobile Internet technology research and application of innovative products, and provide comprehensive solutions and professional services for the telecommunications, government, business and industry customers in the center of the cloud data sharing, mobile office, education, regional medical and other fields.
Digital economy bring great opportunity, to Sunelan Photoelectric, it will be a broader overseas markets. Sunelan is increasingly integrated in novation, and actively respond to new challenges the digitization brought, make efforts to open up a new technology field,  provides better service for the global customers.